Creating change in a leadership role

Constructing daily habits to understand what needs to be done and how to achieve it will improve your ability to make change.

How will you recognize change?

What’s different or recognition questions support identifying clues or signals to be aware of when making progress.

How do I determine my values?

Values are vectors or areas focus that you put time and effort into. Are you choosing your values or are your values choosing you, questions to answer.

Leadership Questions and Answers

We know how much pressure leaders are under, together we can make progress. In this webinar, we discuss IQ vs EQ, brilliant jerks, & retaining good people.

Work-Life-Self Focus Triad

Progress in your work and life happens with you choose to recognize your values, sense what needs to be done, and respond as appropriate. This is how you can think and visualize the Work-Life-Self triad.

Leadership is Taking Care of People

With leadership what works during the pandemic is the same things that worked before, take care of your people. Leadership is adding value to others.