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Friends Avi & Dov from Project Ascent posted a discussion question on their facebook page;

Characteristics of Effective Teams and Teamwork:

Have you ever been a member of a team before? Perhaps it was a work team or a sports team or even Scouts or the military. Was the team performing optimally? Was it a smooth running team? Or, maybe the team you were part of was totally dysfunctional. Was the trust level amongst team members high? How about the teams’ goals? Were the goals ever met or are you asking right now…what goals?

OK, got your team in mind? Share your thoughts on the 5 characteristics of an effective work team.

The goal of this discussion is to learn others perspectives of team development.

Here is my response;

Michael Cardus

  1. Goals are defined Clear + Distinctly
  2. Co-Workers & Leadership know and respect personhood
  3. People are properly matched to their time span capability
  4. Organization and personal values + commitments are aligned
  5. Skills that are required to complete the work; people who contain these skills are able to use them. People who need these skills have the opportunity to learn and develop them.


What are your thoughts?



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