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Most teams have problems.

Knowing if the problem is worth the effort & if the intervention may enlarge the problem requires skilled-knowledge. Skilled-Knowledge of when a team issue is just part of the team’s development, or it will affect performance.

Common Team Problems and When to Worry
Teams Problems When to Worry
  • The team can’t seem to get organized around the task.
  • Members are overly polite.
  • Members are telling lots of stories.
Typical for a team that is just starting or one with new members. Give members time to get to know each other, establish their credentials, etc… Don’t try to force task work in the first meeting.

Start worrying if this behavior continues after several meetings.

  • Arguing, defensiveness
  • Members ignore basic team ground rules
  • Lots of clowning, joking, undermining authority, etc…
  • Work not getting done
Typical for a team that is just settling in. As members get more comfortable with the team, they start to act out. It’s like being a teenager. Now is the time to focus on setting goals, roles, and procedures.

Start worrying if this behavior does not resolve itself within a few meetings.