In order for you to enhance what you-got, you must know what you-got and value where you want to go. If you feel apathetic towards your future then you are looking at the wrong future. How do you get back on the path towards a future of satisfaction and happiness with life & work? I have worked with many people from Executives looking for a change to College Students starting their professional lives. Contact me to discuss making you better and flourishing towards your potential.

teambuilding and leadership expert mike cardus

A caterpillar cannot reach its potential by taking flying lessons BUT only by its development into a butterfly. – Peter Szabo

Too often organizations try to push flying lessons to caterpillars.

I know some of you are thinking WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

It means that what we are trying to do is far too advanced at that time, or the person is not ready to develop the skills yet. In reality they may never be able to master the skills you are trying to train and develop.

A focus must be put on a person’s current applied capability. Using that knowledge to enhance and move the person towards their potential.

The paradox is only the person (YOU) truly know what your potential is – your manager, partner, husband, wife, etc… cannot tell you what your potential is. Managers can evaluate effectiveness  I have argued that is their primary objective next to adding value to your work – However your effectiveness is Current Actual Capability (the caterpillar).

Your Potential Capability (the butterfly) is a function of your Complexity of Mental Processing. That must be developed with time, education, opportunities and maturation of wisdom.

Continue to seek opportunities to develop your potential.  There are many ways your growth can be stunted.

The one that you have control over is YOU; read blogs, invest in your learning, find people who are smarter and learn from them, seek opportunities that may be outside your field, find learning communities, READ BOOKS.

  • You will never exceed your potential that is impossible to do.
  • Many will never reach their potential environmental impacts do happen.
  • Many will never know their potential just chose not to care.

YOU can be one of the few who is satisfied with work and life because you know with certainty that right now – you are in the right place, doing the right work, with the right values, that match your current capability.

That you are moving towards your potential at every moment with purpose – in the right way, learning at the right pace, developing the right skills, impacting the right people, achieving the right goals, acquiring the right wisdom.

So in 5 years from now you look back and can see the shift from your PAST capability to your PRESENT capability and then re-define and follow the path to your FUTURE potential.