People who are newly appointed in management positions. The way that your organization prepares, processes, and acculturates this person to their new job leads to success and failure.

  • What is your organizations process for new managers?
  • How were you prepared when you were promoted?

Unfortunately many companies just promote then drop new managers into their positions. This causes fear based, and inept leadership that causes the new manager to just keep working harder and digging a deeper hole of frustration and misery for those around them, themselves, and family.

This is a section of leaders and managers that I enjoy and find great rewards in coaching, consulting and training.

Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership lists and describes 10 ways to help onboard a new manager;

  1. Start the learning process well before the promotion
  2. A peer mentor
  3. Help from an Advisory Board
  4. The new manager’s manager as coach
  5. Management Training
  6. HR outreach
  7. Provide mandatory compliance training
  8. Provide a coach
  9. New manager integration process
  10. Provide 1-2 good books


Dan does a great job of explaining and exploring each of these steps in his post.


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