team building and leadership expert michael cardus

Building and Sustaining a team is a requirement of every manager, whether you are a shift manager at a grocery store or a Chief Executive of a bank, the process of building and sustaining an effective team of subordinates is necessary.

When consulting & coaching managers one common complaint is Missed Deadlines.

In the Developing & Leading High Performance Teams section of the Exponent Leadership Process this step is called Getting Work Done. Once the team develops Getting-Work-Done as a manager you will see;

  • Clear and shared Path to Great work.
  • Processes for the work are shared and have become skilled knowledge (just what we do).
  • Tasks are completed on-time, at or above quality specifications.

If the team is Getting-Work-Done then great job! You are well on your way to High Performance Team work and have done many things right!


If the team cannot achieve this step of Getting Work Done as a manager you will see;

  • Irrelevant arguments of who does what, when and where.
  • Confusion as to what resources and methods for completion of the work to use.
  • Missed Deadlines.

Once these behaviors and actions become apparent It always returns to the Goals “what-by-when”.

The Goal of the project, the goals for the team, the goals for the people on the team. Each of these areas work in accordance to the Current Applied Capability of the Manager and the team members.

Set effective QQT/R goals for the team and each person on the team. Before you move forward in the team-work, ensure that each person has the Applied Capability, necessary time-span of autonomy and all the resources needed to achieve the goals that are set.

Systems-Drive-Behavior and if you are seeing the behaviors described for a team that is not Getting-Work-Done then your system is creating undesired behaviors.

Return to the goals and tasks of the team and each person, once they are aligned you will find a solution to move the team to Getting-Work-Done and achieving results greater than expected.


Developing and Leading High Performance Teams happens on purpose, with a System that Drives great work and behaviors for success. To start making your team and leadership better to increase the amount of Great Work Getting Done – Contact Mike now to discuss making that happen.