Decision Making: Facts and Intuition

team building & leadership expert Mike Cardus

A product that will provide you with the following benefits;

You are paid to make decision and use your best judgment. The amount of success you have and money you make is conjoined to the decisions you make. You NEED to make the best decisions possible;

This process shows you how.

Decision making is necessary in every role; the value in one’s role comes from the decisions made. Learning to make effective decisions includes: time span for manager and employee, when to delegate decision making, and the use of several decision methods.

Here’s What’s in it for you;

  • A proven process for making the BEST Decisions.
  • Gaining evidence and buy-in for decisions made.
  • A model and step by step process for decision making in teams
  • An execution based model for Planning; Taking action; Checking to see what was right; Acting on the best decisions.
  • Access to Mike for Coaching & Feedback


PS. This will make the Goals You Set…Actually happen.


What does it cost?

  • $150.00

When will I receive my content section transcript?

  • Immediately upon purchase. It is sent in a zip file that contains all the Decision Making stuff you need.

When is the Decision Making field assignment due?

  • It would be great if you can send them to me within one week of receiving them. Although if you do not send them that fast that is also alright. I will read and respond to all the field assignments turned in within 72 hours.

When I can book the one-on-one with you?

  • Whenever you like, once you sign up I will email you with dates and availability you see what fits, if nothing fits we will work it out.

I am still not sure about this?

  • Alright call 1-716-629-3678 or email me mike (at), with your questions and I will answer them.


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