team building and leadership expert michael cardusWhen exploring work and the roles that have been defined (by organizations, managers, and you) the use of current knowledge, plus potential knowledge are needed to make decision and solve problems. To complete goals that are needed for the work, you must have the knowledge that is needed.

Knowledge refers to all forms of articulated ideas: words, formulae, models, designs, mathematics and all other symbols which we can use to communicate to one another about the world (Jaques: Requisite Organization 1998)

The use of this knowledge is gained through skill development and when you continually practice and master a skill then it becomes part of your existing knowledge, it is just what you do.

You are paid for your work – which is your ability to make decision and use your judgment to solve problems that arise in your path to complete goals.  Your knowledge is a major factor in the success you have or don’t have in your work.

This current knowledge is felt when you have to make a decision; for example in order to achieve the goal that was delegated by your manager you have come to an impasse. It is precisely the knowledge you have right now that will determine your success or failure in moving beyond this impasse. The decision you have to make that will determine if you have the skilled knowledge to handle the complexity of your work.

Decision Making has to do with human uncertainty
  • Uncertainty is inherit in human work, the feeling of doubt about the decision made, closing your eyes and losing sleep as you agonize over your decisions.
  • The proper words to frame the decision are lacking…you can feel the raw information in the un-verbalized recesses of your mind.
  • If you are delegated goals with tasks that require decisions that you LACK the skilled knowledge to handle, or the proper authority to complete – you become anxious and confused. There is more complexity and knowledge needed that you currently do not have access to.

It is the above areas of uncertainty and how you handle it, based upon your knowledge, that makes you a valuable asset to the team. Human judgment and the ability to apply existing knowledge and potential new skilled knowledge, is the driver of all organization and individual progress leading to personal satisfaction with work.