Delegation is the #1 way for a manager, small business owner, business executive,  anyone … to manage their time, while developing people & using knowledge to solve their own + business problems.

Delegation happens on purpose Delegation fails on purpose Create Learning Team Building and leadership

Delegation happens on purpose … Delegation fails on purpose
  • If you are delegating work & things are getting done then continue doing what works.
  • If you are delegating work & things are not getting done the stop doing what is not working & take some tips from the ‘SUCCESS’ column.
Delegation FAIL
Delegation SUCCESS
Email a task list that lacks clear ‘what-by-when’s’

Walk by the persons desk and yell “ I need you to do X”

Leave a sticky-note on their computer

As the person is shutting down for the day & grabbing their bag to head home. Block them in their office and share a long list of tasks they have to complete.

Delegate the work with clear ‘what-by-when’s’ THEN email, text, call, walk by their desk asking if they are done yet?

Constantly change the scope of what you asked for

Constantly change the scope of what you asked for – and keep the ‘by when’ the same

When the person asks questions about what you expect to be completed YELL at them, “That is your job to figure it out.”

In the delegation discussion keep things very vague

When the person asks for specific Quality-Quantity-Time Frame & Resources to complete the work. Respond with “I will leave that to you to figure out. If it is what I expect I will let you know.”

YOU determine the goals YOU have to accomplish ‘what-by-when’s’. From those goals YOU determine which pieces should be delegated & who to best complete the work.

If it is important enough to delegate it is important enough to schedule a meeting.

In the delegation meeting provide context. Your goals & how this delegated piece fits into the larger goals of the company.

Clear & shared & understood ‘what-by-when’s’

Ask the person how they see this work being completed. Involvement in their piece of the delegated work.

Arrange & document a follow-up date.

Let the person know that you need to be informed if the work is going to be – Better than expected; worse than expected; earlier than expected; later than expected.

Delegation is a dialog

Provide clear Quality – how good must the work be. Quantity – how much of the work is to be complete. Time Frame – by when is the work needed. Resources – what is available & how can they gather more if needed.