The slide show information for the workshop I am facilitating with for the 2010 ASQ Buffalo Lean Six Sigma Conference. The presentation will take place on October 19th from 8:30am-4:00pm.

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Developing / Leading / Being Part of Effective 6 Sigma Teams

Who should attend and why?

If are a Project Sponsor / Champion, Team Leader, Team member of a 6 Sigma Project Team and want to enhance your skill sets in Team Development, Facilitative Leadership, Project Management and people skills then this is where you should be. The material and learning simulations in this workshop are designed to make you a better leader and team member, plus we will have fun!; This will be accomplished through interactive delivery of content, experiential application and practice of the content, followed by processing and steps for integration into your team and organization.

The material is able to be used and understood by people, who have a working knowledge of 6 Sigma. Whether you lead teams or are a team member the material covered and techniques shared will be useful for you to harness the interpersonal skills and political skills needed to complete successful 6 Sigma Projects.


You will walk away from this workshop with;

  • How to develop high performance 6 Sigma teams
  • Facilitative leadership of teams
  • Effective Prevention and intervention methods of maladaptive team member behaviors
  • Steps to create “buy in” for the 6S project from people who are outside the team
  • A community of professionals that will share resources, best practices, and serve as solution finders to 6 Sigma Teams within their organizations.

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