Below are some of the latest success stories from teams I have had the privilege to serve.

I have been taking some time to reflect upon the programming offered and what is working as well as what areas can be more successful. Thank you for reading and joining me on this amazing journey. More awesomeness is on its way. If you EVER have ideas, questions, challenges, love letters, and hate mail to share, then share them.

– Mike Cardus is Create-Learning

Team Building Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Leadership Development


Focus on Collaboration Amongst Leaders

“I enjoyed the laid back approach to team building.  The exercises that were presented were fun and encouraged talking and working together.  Who knew team building could be so fun?!!”

Annamarie Prosser; Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency

Focus on Building a Shared Culture for a Sustainable Future

“I enjoyed participating in activities that enabled us, as individuals, to express our views on the organization as a whole. During an activity where small groups discussed the "bright," "blurry," and "blind" spots of our organization, we collaborated with our peers to decide on aspects in which we excel as a sorority, what aspects are there but need some work, and what we are currently not focusing on but need to. This was a great way to bring certain issues to the surface and also to praise ourselves for what we have done well. It really opened my eyes to see how others were feeling about our successes and challenges, whether we shared the same opinions or not. I’m thankful that we had the opportunity for everyone to express their thoughts and listen to their sisters’ thoughts, as well.”

– University of Rochester; Gamma Phi Beta

Focus on Determining Individual and Team Needs For Accomplishing Great Work

“The exercise where we wrote all the things that help us work more efficiently (things we need to be successful on the job). I believe the team understands each other better now. I believe this was done by allowing our needs to be presented individually and then quantifying several points that showed we have some of the same needs, work habits and concerns.”

– Administrative Assistants; People Inc.

Alignment of mission, vision and personal perceptions of the agencies mission and vision as it applies to the individual members, and the community at large.

“Mike Cardus facilitated a fun filled afternoon of exercises, which got participants working together in a positive fashion.The positives of the organization were emphasized, and we got to step back, and take a fresh look at who we are, and how we got there. This provided the perspective to enable us to keep the organization strong.”
– Thomas Luka; President Western New York Stress Reduction Program