Team Building & Leadership expert michael cardus


The above image is from a staff team-development process. Working with 120 Early Childcare staff from various locations, academic levels, and accountabilities. In attendance were everyone from teachers, to teacher aides, to administrators, to support staff, etc…

Our achievements for the day were;

  • Develop skills in communicating clearly and directly in a supportive, respectful manner at all levels
  • Taking ownership and initiative, especially as a participative member of the team
  • Appreciation of other departments and individuals to determine strengths of self and team members.
  • Use of tonal abilities and emotional intelligences when communicating to others
  • Effective steps when involved in collaborative projects within departments
  • Effective steps when involved in collaborative projects between departments
  • Completing the program with action lists and items that the people and departments can use to begin to implement the learning and ideas gained from the program.


The image really just sums up the great organization and day.




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