Below is an actual Executive Coaching and Managerial Leadership Training + Development process I facilitated. The methods and processes worked! and I know with certainty they can work with your Mangers and Organization. Contact me to make your leaders & teams better.


Currently there is an authoritarian style of management creating a decrease in morale, satisfaction with work and innovation amongst employees. This is developing a feeling of strife, hopelessness and contempt amongst management and subordinates.

This authoritarian style of management is holding the company from creating a path of continual improvement and readiness for challenges.

There is a need for management to utilize and develop a wider range of management, innovation tools and systems that can be utilized at the proper times. Ensuring that all the people are working to their personal capabilities. Creating a renewed focus for each person to be working for shared values and commitment to the organization, teams, the community, stake holders, and each other. Allowing all staff to feel that they are respected and held in regard properly for the work they do.


Mike developed, trained and coached all key personal that are the current managers that have been identified as needing this process.

  • The coaching commitment consisted of 10 one on one meeting lasting from 45-90 minutes, with each of the managers meeting separately. Within these coaching times focused development, feedback and field work assignments were discussed and explored to develop the defined objectives.
  • Mike administered 360 degree feedback assessments with those results, plus the objectives developed by the CEO;
  • Each manager meeting was targeted to achieve the best and most effective enhancement of their existing skills and behaviors.
  • Executive Coaching and peer coaching groups were established to highlight and sharpen existing great behaviors and actions.
  • Set-up plus facilitation of monthly internal customer focus group meetings. These consisted of various people from the organization.
  • During these focus group meetings the leadership was able to hear what is needed for continued success and progress within the organization.
  • Using the focus group for targeted and necessary areas of success and improvement. Mike continued to fine-tune and systemize training & development programs, plus offer continued consulting on how to implement the feedback from the focus groups.
  • Facilitation of one workshop per month in the departments of the managers being coached.
  • These workshops were customized and fine-tuned to enhance the already in progress coaching and internal focus group feedback.



Developed managerial leadership skills and techniques that range from; Authoritative “I” style to 100% agreement “we” style; with the best time for usage and application.

Developed, trained, taught management Coaching and feedback methods;

  • Coaching adding value as a manager
  • Coaching Peak Performance
  • Building Capacity for Effectiveness
  • Coaching Underperformance
  • Managerial communication & listening

Increased morale amongst direct reports, peers, and supervisors–based upon internal surveys, 360 degree feedback of employees, plus anecdotal evidence of Human Resources staff.

Developed, trained, applied methods in TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving) for enhanced ability to innovate and utilize existing, new, and breakthrough methods to solve problems in team based methods.

Skills in active listening and communication to subordinates peers and supervisors.

Enhanced and developed inter and intra managerial leadership collaboration practices, for enhanced communication and sharing of best practices plus learned lessons.

Ensured continuation and follow-up meeting of peer coaching groups to continually solve complex problems aligned with the managerial level in the organization.


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