A great video that illustrate learning from experience allow people the ability to create ideas.

Placing the power of failure, success and learning from those methods yields results in learning.

Too often when leading team-building and leadership programs in schools, the teacher wants to “save the child from struggling” or says “…at a certain point when they are struggling you have to give them the answer” and my response is “How will they learn to work through challenges when you are not present?”

Allowing students and people the opportunity to make decisions and use their judgment is leadership at an educational level and at a leadership level. The area of experiential development comes from the teacher / leader processing. Exploring the areas of success and determining how the process of learning took place, failed, succeeded, what was learn, and how to instill this process and learning into future interactions.

Failure is not Failure; Learning is a process, learning takes time and developing successful interactions.

Would like to hear you thoughts? and what you are doing to allow people to learn and make decision that are aligned with their judgment and abilities.




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