team building and leadership expert michael cardusA new product that will provide you with the following benefits;

Identifying and Aligning your goals, behaviors, abilities, and actions in a step by step process that will get you noticed and make you more successful.

Here’s What’s In It For You

  • PDF of a Step-by-Step action process to Setting Goals & Determining Time Span for Completion of tasks.
  • Worksheets and a complete action plan to chart and complete your goals.
  • Additional materials of how to delegate and prioritize your time.

Goal Setting and Time Span

The essence of management is goal-directed behavior. The underpinning of everything an organization does can be traced back to a goal. Goals create definition, clarity and self-evaluation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand goals as the fundamental building block for leadership success.
  • Understand the two elements of a goal.
  • Understand the importance of time span.
  • Understand the relationship between goals and time management.
  • Understand prescribed elements vs. discretionary elements of a goal.
  • Be able to create effective goal statements.
  • Be able to effectively segregate goals which must be self-completed vs. goals which must be delegated.
  • Be able to create and follow an action plan for self-completed goals.
  • Be able to create a follow-up plan for self-completed goals.



What does it cost?

  • $50.00

When will I receive my content section transcript?

  • Immediately upon purchase. It is sent in a zip file that contains all the Goal Setting stuff you need.

When is the Goal Setting field assignment due?

  • It would be great if you can send them to me within one week of receiving them. Although if you do not send them that fast that is also alright. I will read and respond to all the field assignments turned in within 72 hours.

I am still not sure about this?

  • Alright call 1-716-629-3678 or email me mike (at), with your questions and I will answer them.


Contact Mike or call 1.716.629.3678


P.S Here is what others are saying;

“Michael was able to give me the tools to become a better supervisor. Supervisory skills such as delegation, team building and planning are presented in a manner that makes you think of the processes in as a clear set of easy to follow steps. Largely in part to our 1:1 meeting, Michael was able to assist me in increasing the productivity of an employee who has struggled for years. Michael was able to provide suggestions for new strategies on dealing with this employee. And once some success was noted with the employee, he offered suggestions on how to maintain the current level of work and monitor future performance.”

Michael Samulski; Director of Finance
Autistic Services, Inc.

“This leadership program helped me to step out of my everyday management routine and focus on how I interact with other managers, what my leadership strengths are, and the impact of my style on the team. It also gave me time to reflect strategically on issues and a variety of ways to approach solutions. The process challenged me to apply my learning by working through an actual problem using new resources.”

Sandra Klimas; Education Director
Autistic Services, Inc.

“Michael Cardus is fabulous, full of energy and insight. His workshop made everything so much clearer to me, and empowered me to take full responsibility for my actions. He made me understand that I really have been on the right track all along, that what I think and what I feel and what I have to contribute is important. Thanks Michael for a great workshop!”

Annette; Triple-Track: Work-Life Jam Session
Buffalo, NY