I have been facilitating St. Gregory the Great 7th grade students and faculty. We went to a high ropes course in addition to programming and facilitation I have been leading in the classroom. To see more photos click here…

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Here is the program schedule;

Program Schedule

Three Programs with each classroom: 2 before Ropes Course & 1 after ropes course

Students in each class will be engaged in experiential initiatives as well as learning simulations to develop trust leading to conflict resolution, leading to leadership development amongst the students. During the session the students will;

  • Develop accountability practices amongst peers
  • Enhance and strengthen trust amongst each other and of their teachers
  • Learn non-violent techniques for handling conflict – both verbal conflict as well as the threat of physical conflict
  • Find value in themselves as leaders amongst each other. The students will learn about emotional intelligence theory as well as leadership theory in a practical “hands-on” level.
  • Guided transference of Ropes-Course experience and experiential programming into class room, life, and community applications.

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Full Day Field Trip! staff and students will go to a ropes course 

This will serve as a fun outing for the students. The students and staff will;

  • Have to opportunity to practice skills that have been covered in the other workshops.
  • Push their comfort and fear levels and learn that it is acceptable to admit fear and ask for help.
  • Create and enhance the St. Gregory the Great 7th grade school culture.
  • Bond as a team and work through inter-personal issues to help others.


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