People on Teams MUST have clear lines of accountability and authority. Knowing who does what-by-when within the prescribed standards and limits. People on teams NEED to know what they are individually responsible for and what others expect from them. People on teams NEED to see the connection of the teams, their own, and the organizations goals for the work to be valued. Contact Mike to make your teams and leaders better.


High Performance Team Building: Quality Tools for Quality Teams

Great Team Work happens on purpose. With a set of tools that people can be trained & coached to use. These tools allow all team members to do their best work in conjunction with the team.

Getting work done. 

  • Enhanced effectiveness of teams and people on teams.
  • Increased productivity of teams.
  • Decisions made faster and with greater buy-in from team members & leadership.
  • Problems solved at the team level, increasing the amount of work getting done.
  • Understood and repeatable metrics to show progress & setbacks.
  • Skills in continuing and repeating progress made.
  • Skills in learning from setbacks and finding solutions.
How Is It done?
  • The consulting, coaching and training takes place in real-time. The implementation of this process happens during real-team-work. This is not Pretend.
  • Working with the people and team where they are, during actual Team Projects and work.
  • During team meetings content is covered the team implements the Quality Tool.
  • Observing team meetings questions and exploration of ‘what was done, how to continue the success, how to understand the failure’. Are applied to the measurements of performance.
  • One on One coaching for the Team Leader and any Team Member is offered to enhance the process and Get the Work Done.

Contact Mike to discuss making your team better using Quality Tools for Quality Teams.