making small changes now leading to big changes tomorow Create Learning Team Building and Leadership

I am not too sure. There is an interactional component that is useful in the context of what the team is looking to accomplish & how each person views themselves on the team + how the team can be useful to the organization that it supports & themselves.

Team Building is not an activity in and of itself

When someone asks me “What kind of teambuilding activities do you do?”

My response, “Whatever we can to ensure the business case, goals, objectives of the organization and people on the team are achieved. The activities are a vehicle to enable useful change and discover what the team does well so we can amplify the good stuff and determine how to dampen the not so good stuff.”

Having people do something familiar, like working to solve a shared problem, in what seems like a unique or novel way, using a team building activity.  You open the number & variation of choices that they may have available, therefore breaking a causal action belief. Working with the team in an oblique manner to find patterns of ‘what works’ so they can amplify them.

With team building this may be the small push in a direction that leads to greater difference in how the team works.

“… if we manage to get clients to undertake actions that in and by themselves were always possible, but that the clients did not perform because in their second-order reality there was no sense or reason to carry them out, then through the very performance of these actions the clients will experience something that no amount of explaining and interpreting may have revealed or made attainable.”  Giorgio Nardone. ‘Brief Strategic Therapy’