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About 2 years ago I created 12 on-line Team Building & Development sessions for a company. We called it ‘Helping Teams Work’. It was meant to be short, less than 5 minutes, & give 1 concrete action step people can apply to their work on teams…

They liked it & I enjoyed trying to make content that did not require me to be present.

Below is the 8th of 12 ‘Helping Teams Work’ content sections.

  1. Biggest Team Leader Mistake
  2. Team Meetings Making them good enough to get work done
  3. Making team decisions through consensus
  4. Team Based Conflict Management Approaches
  5. Teamwork Through Consensus or Compromising
  6. When Team Members get Difficult
  7. My Team Has Problems

Team Influence Strategies


Influence Strategies
  • Influence refers to the use of personal energy to create an impact upon, redirect, or change the outcome of a particular situation.

Within teams, in order to complete your tasks, you have to depend upon many people whom you do not have direct authority over to supply you with information needed to complete your work on time, in budget and quality specifications.

As you work to complete your Team Project, you will have to influence many people in order to get cooperation for your project. The same approach doesn’t work with everyone. You’ll need to be familiar with a variety of influence approaches (or strategies) and know how to choose among them.

What do you think?

When observing someone who is influential what do they do that is different? How can influence and respect be useful to completing team tasks?