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There is a quote that I often employ with people of all sorts

“When the going gets tough, the tough GET GOINGDEFAULT to their highest level of training.”

What does this mean to leaders and managers?

The quote means you don’t know what you do not know…and that when faced with the challenge NO-ONE ever rises to the occasion and pulls the solution magically out of nothingness.

What people do in challenges and the unknown is default to their memories and training of what worked in the past.

For new managers lacking requisite training this can lead to disaster.

New managers operate from false ideas and memories of, how my old boss was or your parents voice inside your head or this is the only way I know how.

Becoming the asshole boss and person you disliked because that person and those behaviors are trapped within your mind. Until you find other techniques and solutions to replace them – increasing your level of training.

What is the solution?

If your company has training and development opportunities take them. Internal mentor programs and coaching are always great.

If you are a leader what value and coaching are you offering to your direct reports?

One responsibilities of organizations and the management is to offer value and opportunities for growth to employees. Once the manager can add value, people feel good about what they are doing and are able to develop new skills and behaviors.


If your company does not have training and development opportunities then it is up to you to develop yourself. Hire a coach; read books; seek out people within and outside the company who can offer you advice and mentorships.


Keep a Self-Directed mindset – and be accountable for the choices you make.


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