The eXponent Leadership Process consists of coaching leaders to determine their capability to work as a manager as well as to determine the capability of direct reports.

Working through this determination of Potential Capability; Applied Capability; Future Potential Capability Leaders can accurately develop skills and alignment of values to the work that is to be completed.

This is applied to team building & leadership performance results. Facilitating each leader to establish and determine their own Potential; Applied; and Future Capabilities. As well as the capabilities of the team members.

Following the application taking steps to ensure the right people are in the right positions receiving the right training at the right time from the right people with the right competencies who have the right capabilities to ensure that all the work is being completed right.

Once your leadership capabilities are outside the ability to handle mental processes misalignment occurs.

Leaders and people within the organization NEED to be properly matched with their capability to make decisions, use their judgment for completion of task assignments (within Goal Setting Structures) and have the opportunity to work for a leader that knows their values & commitments, plus can establish clear and distinct good and bad quality definitions of work.

All people who work DESERVE that from leadership.



= f

is a function of


Complexity of Mental



= f

is a function of

CMP x V/C x K/S

CMP as Affected by
Values/Commitment (V/C)
Skilled Knowledge (K/S)

is a function of Maturation of Potential

terms defined

Work (W): The exercise of discretion, judgment and decision making, within limits, in carrying out tasks: driven by values, and bringing skilled knowledge into play.

  • The term mental processing refers to discretion, judgment & decision-making.

Mental Processing the process by which you take information, pick it over, play with it, analyze it, put it together, reorganize it, judge and reason with it, make conclusions, plans and decisions, and take action.

Complexity of Mental Processing (CMP) the maximum scale and complexity of the world that you are able to pattern and construe and function in, including the amount and complexity of information that must be processed in doing so.

Potential Capability (PC) the very highest level at which a person could work now, in work that is strongly valued and for which the person had had the opportunity to have gained the necessary skilled knowledge. (It is a function of that person’s maximum complexity of mental processing.)

Applied Capability (AC) the level at which a person is actually working now in a role which may or may not call upon that person’s exercise of full potential. (It is a function of the CMP actually being used, as affected by commitment (value) and skilled knowledge being applied.)

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