LEARN is a team building and leadership processing and application model.

team building and ledership expert michael cardus

Listen –>
  • It starts with listening to frame what is being said in your context of understanding. Listening takes place within your head; I cannot listen and interpret the sent message the same way you do – because we are not the same. Once I listen, I have a personal understanding (through my interpretation and context) of what is going to happen and the expectations.
Experience –>
  • Once listening has occurred something happens – this is called the experience. An experience is the event, task, goal, performance, conversation, etc… Experiences are usually shared (by teams and organizations) and can be internally interpreted and shared.
Analyze the Action –>
  • This is when what was heard (Listen) and what happened (Experience) is shared to determine what happened. For teams creating a culture of straight talking, listening and observation create a new understanding. The analysis is successes, challenges, outcomes, decisions, accountabilities, management, etc… This is exploring facts.
Reflect –>
  • What from the analysis can we continue to do? What can be improved? How can the existing methods be just a little better? The reflection period is individual and team based in the context of the experience and the action. This is when you take the facts (from Analyze the Action) and determine what will continue to develop solutions within the team and organization.
iNstill-iNternalize-iNstitutionalize –>
  • Now the action and continued development of operating procedures and metrics for best practices are developed. Looking at the Reflection points – what areas can we create solutions and action plans to continue, enhance, improve, strengthen, focus, succeed, etc…? This is an individual and team accountability piece. WITHOUT this part of the process the lessons go into the aether and never become actionable.

Could your team & leadership benefit from a process of determining what methods and systems of learning and development can be used and enhanced? Improved productivity requires improved effectiveness of processes and people – this does not happen by accident.

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