People join companies, and leave managers…
Be the reason people stay with your company

Leaders use Create-Learning’s Exponent Leadership Process to develop the professional, organizational, and emotional skills to be the manager that people look to as the reason to remain with your organization.

As a result of this process, you will be able to:

  • Select new team-members who have the proper skills, capabilities, values and commitment to fulfill the position
  • Determine the time span, skills, and values of direct reports
  • Greatly increase your discretionary time
  • Implement effective processes and methods
  • Implement methods to increase efficiencies and profit
  • Decrease decision-making and implementation time
  • Increase retention of people and talent
  • Turn under-performing staff into high-performing staff
  • Turn high-performing staff into exceptionally high-performing staff
  • Increase trust in your leadership
  • Find that people who work for you love the work they do, do great work, and point to you as the reason for their success
  • Love the work you do

This is a process of action and execution, developing your leadership while you are leading. You will be involved in realistic exercises, discussions and field assignments, taking action and making small changes to your management while measuring success throughout. You will learn and develop as you work in real time, day to day, yielding measurable results.

And Mike will be your guide every step of the way, working with you to continually measure and grow your success, dedicated to seeing you flourish and be awesome.

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I completed a 6 month Leadership Development Process here are two amazing testimonials;

“Through the use of group presentations and 1:1 meetings, Michael was able to give me the tools to become a better supervisor.  Supervisory skills such as delegation, team building and planning are presented in a manner that makes you think of the processes in as a clear set of easy to follow steps.  Largely in part to our 1:1 meetings, Michael was able to assist me in increasing the productivity of an employee who has struggled for years.  Michael was able to provide suggestions for new strategies on dealing with this employee.  And once some success was noted with the employee, he offered suggestions on how to maintain the current level of work and monitor future performance.”

Michael Samulski

Director of Finance

Autistic Services, Inc.

“This leadership program helped me to step out of my everyday management routine and focus on how I interact with other managers, what my leadership strengths are, and the impact of my style on the team. It also gave me time to reflect strategically on issues and a variety of ways to approach solutions. The final leadership project was by far the best part of the program for me. The action project challenged me to apply my learning by working through an actual problem using new resources. Nice job as a facilitator Mike!”

Sandra Klimas

Education Director

Autistic Services

michael cardus is create-learning