Could your leadership team benefit from:

  • The ability to effectively delegate task(s);
  • Constructive oversight of other team member’s responsibilities;
  • Overcoming and finding methods to deal with the fear of lacking requisite skills to accomplish leadership tasks;
  • Developing the skills to write project proposals and presentation of proposals; and
  • How to constructively discuss pros and cons during proposal development;


A Leadership Team that is able to reflect upon their own behaviors and adjust accordingly based upon what team they are a part of and whom they are leading.

Leaders that competently and confidently have the ability to:

  • Properly implement process and people leadership
  • Use effective tools for the measurement of team effectiveness
  • Understand when, how to, and why to use tools for the measurement of team effectiveness
  • Develop employees and understand when and how to place people on high functioning teams
  • Establish and guide team processes
  • Use effective skills, and techniques to coach all team members
  • Coach and re-focus underperforming team members


A Leadership Team that adds value to the organization through;

  • Financial gains
  • Retention of staff
  • Individuals satisfaction with work and leadership
  • Increased Proficiency in Skills for Leadership
  • Increased satisfaction of direct-reports


Create-Learning will facilitate your Leadership team to effectively develop, plan and institute real-time leadership of Task(s) / Team(s) / Individual(s) within their current programs. Leading to long-term effects of financial gains, retention of staff, satisfaction with work & leadership.

Outcome focused leadership content is facilitated and coached to the Leaders. With field assignment that are applicable to the work of the leader, shared results, information and best practices, and the creation of an organizational best practice leadership tool.


Testimonial from participants; to see more…

“Mike Cardus did outstanding work with our Leadership Team last summer. He carefully planned sessions based on our specific needs and then adjusted throughout the program as he responded to the work of the group. I was so impressed with his ability to listen, craft a program and then adjust the plan in order to maximize our time together. I would highly recommend Mike for any type of leadership development/team building work.”

– Kevin McGowan. Superintendent Brighton Central School District


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