Images of some Corporate & College groups.

leadership development buffalo ny, rochester ny, syracuse ny

Corporate Leadership Development group completing Leadership Pipeline. A leader needs to have strong connections and have the ability to critically think through real time resources and capacities of work projects.

Corporate Team Building Buffalo,Rochester,Syracuse,Leadership Development

A Large Company Team Building Picnic Program. Rollerball focused on Inter and intra departmental collaboration. Additionally customer requirements and satisfaction are explored as an organization.

University at Buffalo - University Apartments Team Building

College Leadership Training for some smart students. Infinite loops to explore how communication is lost from leadership to team members. Leaders spend time planning and exploring their processes, and when communicated to team members a disconnect happens. Our time focused on and solved that problem!


Create-Learning is the most effective way to develop your people into High Functioning individuals, leaders, teams and organizations. Mike works closely with you to determine your organizations strengths, gaps, challenges, personality and objectives. Leading to increased retention of staff, increased satisfaction with work, increased collaboration and information sharing within and between departments, increased accountability for success and failure, increased knowledge transfer, and increased trust and speed of project completion and decision making as a team.