Mentoring Coaching
– Done by Managers, Manager (Manager once removed).
– Focus on achieving potential long term.
– Development of planning and strategic vision.
– Mentor has knowledge of the day to day work and what it takes to be successful.
– Used for succession planning when manager leaves (promotion, transfer, etc…)
DOES NOT assign tasks or take away work.
– Development of Skilled Knowledge
– Used to determine efficacy of the Manager (by talking with Subordinates once removed mentor can determine the capabilities of the manager to coach employees.)
– Done by Manager
– Focus on immediate tasks and goals. Reinforcing good work and correcting bad work.
– Developing of planning in business and tactical goals (short time span in accordance with coachee level).
– Coach has knowledge of day to day work and is able to provide real-time feedback.
– Used for improvement of work.
– The manager is accountable for the work of the coachee.
DOES assign tasks and take away work.
– Development of skilled knowledge
– Used to enhance the managers planning and delegation (by coaching the subordinate manager can better set task goals and delegate planning processes.