Below are my notes on a program design.

Program length 2hours…


  • Increase team work within staff
  • Develop a process to strengthen communication within and between departments
  • Develop a process to strengthen collaboration (information sharing, best practices) within and between departments.
  • Respect for the experience, diversity and talents of team members and departments

150 people.

Challenge of Choice & quick introduction


High 5 mingle

Gotchya – Open minds and fleeing ideas. What are you going to grab today and what are you going to let go?

Olympic Rock paper scissors

Split room in 3 sections – Gold / Silver / Bronze all start in silver

How many people did you meet and play? What strategy worked for you? Was it fun? What is the value of having fun?

Switch:Change:Rotate – Groups of 4-5

Small group discussions application to ease or un-ease of talking with other departments and locations

Believe it or Knot – Mix Groups Letter on Playing Card a-y

One volunteer ropes ring – tell a personal anecdote deep or shallow as you wish. Group then votes on true of knot. Now you say go and choose where to have the knot stop. Allow each person to have a turn, until I call a stop to the action.

Lose 3 & introduce – Longest hair to new circle, most letters in last name, been with company the longest.

Knot Races…focus on communication successes. Share them develop ways to do more of them.

Cross-over – find matching card, all 2,3,4 etc…30 minutes.

team handouts – processing in small groups – application to sharing information between locations.

Bandana Cup Marble – mix groups from areas

Processing – Back to Back etc….

35 – facilitated brain storming to find top 5-10 ideas for implementation into practice



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