What by when?

The most important step for team members is to answer that question. What is going to be accomplished and by when plus FOLLOW-UP!

There are myriad goal setting processes out there. I have personally fallen for Tom Foster’s QQTR

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Time Frame
  • Resources


Whatever is used you as a leader must define for yourself what by when. Then co-creation with the team a what by when process.

When coaching leaders this is an area of focus. Placing goals and what by when boundaries means that you are accountable for the action. Once you become accountable for the action autonomy is a driving force. Autonomy is an intrinsic motivator. Intrinsic motivation leads to self-directed team behaviors. Therefore limiting you need for external if…then motivation.

What by when clarifies the priority of the project.

Your job as leader is to also clarify how you will follow-up with yourself and the team in a what by when fashion. Follow up is the priority.


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