organization development expert in Rochester NY Mike Cardus

Teams reach a level of success and think if we just do this faster, better cheaper we will continue to progress. The reality is that the team will only get to a certain point – I call it the “Plateau.” Following the Plateau comes the – “Crash” – the crash occurs when the team loses sight of what brought them there in the first place and lose all the steps that brought them to the plateau.

Many organizations become complacent, for some time, with the current way of doing processes. The current way creates a folkloric belief within the organization – we can’t do that, we have always done it this way, and no new ideas ever get instituted. This folklore is the badge of death for new team members.

The team is operating from an old paradigm (an organizational map). Many of these maps during the industrial revolution. This map is static and works until external challenges are presented.

Teams need to change the map and develop their paradigm shift! When a team reaches and creates a new way of doing things the faster, better, cheaper is destroyed! That is when the team creates innovation and breakthroughs take place.

Within team building, programs teams test new ideas, and existing paradigms are destroyed! If and when the team building activity is not a success this is an opportunity to fail – while you process (de-brief) the teams ideas. Groups can analyze where they took a wrong turn on this map.

Tear up the old map and allow ideas to be heard – develop a culture of acceptance and trust. Acceptance and trust will take your organization to new heights. If your organization does not want to be listed on this new map – your team can start their revolution. Nothing causes paradigm shifts as fast as a success!