Manager: a person in a role in which he or she is held accountable not only for their own personal effectiveness but also for the output of others; and is accountable for building and sustaining an effective team of subordinates capable of producing those outputs, and for exercising effective leadership. (Jaques 1998)

If we are to hold a Manager Accountable for the output of their subordinates. Managers must have some control over who their subordinates are.

4 Minimum authorities that every manager must have in order to be an effective and trustworthy managerial leader.

1. Authority to reject a subordinate to fill a position.

All managers should be provided the unequivocal authority to turn down any candidate who may be offered from above, not on personal grounds, BUT only if their judgment is that the candidate cannot do the necessary work.

By providing this authority you can get rid much of the tension and unease amongst managers.

Managers should not have excessive say over who gets hired, what they ought to have say over is who they want on their team. This must be established through the employees ability for doing the work that is required in that role. NOT from personal feelings, favoritism, or vendettas. This is easier said than done.