Manager: a person in a role in which he or she is held accountable not only for their own personal effectiveness but also for the output of others; and is accountable for building and sustaining an effective team of subordinates capable of producing those outputs, and for exercising effective leadership. (Jaques 1998)

4 Minimum authorities that every manager must have in order to be an effective and trustworthy managerial leader.

If we are to hold a Manager Accountable for the output of their subordinates. Managers must have some control over the work their subordinates do.

3. Authority to decide task assignments.

Accountable managers MUST be able to decide what types of task assignments they give to subordinates. They must not be bypassed by their own managers.

If we are to hold a manager accountable for the output of their subordinates the ability to decide delegation and planning of tasks is necessary.

How would this policy benefit your management? How would it hurt your management? Have you ever worked in a place where your direct manager was not able to decide your tasks? In what ways does that affect the communication and effectiveness of your work?