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The insidious thing about the causal point of view is that it leads us to say:”Of course, it had had to happen like that.” Whereas we ought to think: It may have happened like that – and also in many other ways. (Wittgenstein CV, p.37e)

We are in interesting times. It is time to stop the causal trap of inward spiraling doom loops of “it had to happen like that”.

It may have happened many other ways.

Warning Personal Story Below

In 2007 I was fired from a job I loved, for many reasons my behavior was not conducive to being the best employee I could be at that time – I knew it was coming, I made the choice although it could have happened many other ways.

In October of 2007 Create-Learning became my full time job. I had other choices and could of found another job…I chose to make this happen and it could have happened many other ways.

In May of 2009 I married the amazing Christine…Never did I feel it had to happen…and it did yet there were many other ways, that both of could have chosen.

2010 the business changed and I changed with it…making this an amazing year where I had to pleasure to serve organizations, teams, and individuals when I created the Exponent Leadership Process and Leadership Coaching for new and emerging leaders. Re-Marketed, Re-Branded, and Re-Created the Business and the model…thanks to the amazing 12Grain Studio. That could have happened many other ways! and I chose to take this path.

All that has happened continually knowing I Listen > Experience > Analyze the Action > iNstill / iNternalize what has happened. IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED MANY OTHER WAYS!

and whatever way it happened, I have accepted that Luck, Hard Work, Potential Capacity, Applied Capacity, Being Raised by 2 successful parents, Revenge, Love from Christine, An insatiable thirst, Reading Books, Investing in Training, Continually Learning, Luck, finding people who are WAY smarter and more successful than me, and many other things brought us all here.

Although NEVER have I ever said, it had to happen like that.

It doesn’t have to be that way, so when you look ahead to the new decade what other ways are you going to accept. And how are we going to make it happen?

I look forward to being with you and serving, facilitating, coaching – pointing out that by thinking it had to happen like that limits you. And moving your perception point to acknowledge it may have happened like that – and many other ways. Then LEARN how to re-capture those other ways and increase your capacity to achieve AWESOMENESS!

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