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This weeks inquiry comes from an assessment I am using with a Leadership team. Gathering team and individual responses to a series of scales and questions to determine current success and future steps for more success.


* On a scale of 0 – 10 with 0 being not utilized at all and 10 being fully utilized; Currently my managerial leadership capabilities are being utilized to their fullest capacity.

Managerial Leader defined as – A person in a role in which they are held accountable for their personal effectiveness AND for the output of others; and is accountable for building and sustaining an effective team of subordinates capable of producing those outputs, and for exercising effective leadership. 



* What tells you you are at the level you chose? How do you know? What else?



* What is happening where you scaled that last question that is not happening at a 1?



* How would a 9 look like for you? What would be better, you doing more of, your impact be, your perception of others work, etc…?



* Where would your manager once removed (your bosses boss) rate you on the same scale?



Ask and answer these questions yourself or ask them of your staff and co-workers. Determining you capacity and the perceived capacity of you by your manager once removed can create solutions and great results.

Think about the questions and write them out. It would be excellent for you to share some insights and ideas in the comments section.


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