Team Building & Leadership Expert Michael Cardus


In the Planning A Change Workshop organizations, teams, leaders, and people create action lists, action triggers, and determine a solutions focused approach to change for the better.

  • Can you define the change you want?
  • Can you determine where you currently are in this change?
  • When this change happens, what will you notice about yourself, your environment, your interactions with others – that will alert you this change has happened?
  • What of those things are currently happening?
  • What happened to cause those to happen?
  • If I was to speak with your (spouse, friend, co-worker, Mother, Father, boss, subordinate, etc…) how would they describe you were different and that this change has happened?
  • Remembering your success so far, how much further do you need to progress to feel that this change has happened?
  • In this Change For The Better, who / what can be de-selected?


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image by Thales