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“Now that I see the bigger picture, I better understand my role in reaching our goals.”

Vision – every company touts it; It is a requisite step in all planning processes; each person has their own; each leader holds special knowledge of it.

If Vision is lacking confusion takes place. Working in teams articulating / creating a shared vision closes the loop for people. Without shared vision people operate from their own thought on what the vision ought to be.

Leading team building & leadership programs the vision of how the process fits into the plan and goals of your group is a challenge. Here are some questions that serve you in facilitating the group to determine that Vision.

  • For a moment, forget about the specifics of the last activity and look at the bigger picture. Why do you think that your group was brought together here today? What are you supposed to get out of today?


  • To each of you individually, do you think of yourself primarily as a details person or a big-picture, vision type person? What makes you feel that way?
  • A vision or detail person, which do you value most in a leader? What specific examples from you life can you share?


  • What is the vision of your ___________ (agency, company, team, etc…)?
  • If you don’t know, why is that?
  • What is your personal vision concerning your affiliation with this _______ (agency, company, team, etc…)?
  • How do you explain the differences between the agency vision and your personal vision? Are the two compatible?

The questions above are from “The Processing Pinnacle” An amazing book and every experiential educator ought to own at least one copy.


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