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Many managers are convinced that people know what to do and what Quality work is within the roles of team members.

And when you as them how clear their work is on what is expected and how they know what Quality work is and how it is evaluated they either don’t know or have some convoluted response.

One of the biggest obstacles to change is that people just don’t know the path to take. If you are unsure of the path to the change, you become exhausted trying to guess where it is and movement slows down.

It is like walking in the woods in the dark. Every step is slow and you are cautious and tense…your progress slows. But when someone has a light and shines it on the path progress increases and everyone moves together enthusiastically along the path.

On to the Inquiry:

I know and it is clear for me (in my current position) what great work is and the path for me to achieve it.

  • Do you know?
  • On a scale from 0 – 10. With 0 being you are unsure; and 10 being you are absolutely sure; Where are you on this scale?
  • Whatever number you chose, what do you already know that is maintaining your current level?
  • How did you determine that much already?

How would your work be improved if you answered the above question at a 9?

  • What would be better about your work?
  • How would others see your work and your effort as improved?
  • Describe what you day would be like, in detail. From the time you arrive at the office until the time you leave.

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