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My learning style is disruptive, and when I’m thinking (especially in a training/classroom setting), I shift, sigh, groan, speak out, and talk under my breath.

While sitting in a two-day training, during and after day 1, I was frustrated because what was being covered I knew very well. And my thoughts and actions became negative, and I began to doubt my competency in attending this training.

On day two, it came to me…Of course, I know this stuff, and I am working on the mastery phase.

The mastery phase occurs once you are already filled with the required skilled knowledge. Mastery occurs, but not as fast as the skill-building phase. Because mastery takes decades of small changes and adjustments that yield results, it would be best to value what you are mastering enough to commit to the time it takes.

Here are the inquiries – entering the mastery phase;

  • What is your current skill level? What are you great at?
  • What evidence do you have to justify you are as great as you say you are?
  • What else? What else? Tell me about that…
  • If you were to awaken tomorrow and suddenly be at your optimum level of skill – what is the first thing you would notice that would tell you, you have achieved your optimum level?
  • On a scale of 0 – 10, 0 being where you were 90 days ago and 10 being your optimum skill level. Where are you now?
  • What are you currently doing that is increasing your mastery?
  • On the same scale, where would you like to be 90 days from now?
  • What will be different when you are at this new number?
  • How would I notice that you are now at a different level of mastery?
  • Are you doing any of these things now?
  • In the 90 days from now scenario, what are you doing more of?
  • How has your focus shifted?
  • What is 1 one thing you can commit to doing in the next 3 hours that will increase your level of mastery?

Mastery is not about the course, the facilitator, or the other people – it becomes about you. And your dedication to learning and Doing something.

Comment on your steps to achieve mastery…

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