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This has been a week of Success Spirals and Inward Spiraling Doom Loops; ever have those weeks?

Last week I attended the ASQ World Conference on Quality & Improvement, I was there representing ASQ Buffalo NY (which I serve on the board of as the Community Liaison) and Create-Learning. The conference took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to truly walk the talk of “challenge of choice.”

While at the conference I spent with Bruce Waltuck-Complexified and he introduced me to the ASQ Human Development & Leadership board chair Adil Dalal. Adil and I spoke and he mentioned that the Human Development & Leadership group is looking for people to join their board – so I expressed my interest.

Less than 7 days later I am the Education Chair of the ASQ Human Development & Leadership Group.

So this weeks inquiry; Opportunities tend to find those who are looking for them, and when an opportunity comes and you think that you will be able to grab it…then it goes away – how you are able to move on and stay positive is a challenge. Here are some things to think about;

  • Who are you measuring yourself too? Is that a realistic metric?
  • What opportunities have you had success with in the last week? month? quarter? 6 months? year? etc…
  • When in the past you missed an opportunity or it just did not work out-what was effective at making you feel better? How long did that take?
  • With the opportunity you feel was missed-can you find some small gain that was captured? (you can there are ALWAYS exceptions & variations)
  • In the past what worked for you to take the most advantage of opportunities?
  • How did you manage to capture those opportunities?
  • Once you started what did you do to continue momentum?
  • What opportunities are you seeing today?
  • Choose 1…what can you do to make it happen?
  • Once the opportunity is here; what will you be doing more of?


Please share your good news and opportunities grabbed this week in the comments section.


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