Decision making is necessary in every role; the value in one’s role comes from the decisions made. Learning to make effective decisions includes: time span for manager and employee, when to delegate decision making, and the use of several decision methods.

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When working by yourself and reflecting inside your own head making decisions feels natural. Of course it does, you know your method, process and existing factors that aid you in making the decision; Right?

  • How do you make decisions?
  • Can you show me your process or method?
  • What is the Main Useful Function of the decision you are making?
  • If you were to tell another person about your decision, would they be able to accept and trust that it was made with the proper quality and follow-up?
  • In what ways were you able to overcome psychological constipation in your decision?

We all operate off existing theories, models, folklore and experience. Explaining your method to someone (especially yourself) can be eye opening.

This is why you need a method, process an objective model to frame the decisions made. Plus be able to show others how you made that decision. Once a process is established and you can show your work (how the decision was made) then increase buy-in and absorptive capacity of ideas increases.

With more that yourself (team, organization, committee, board members, boss, subordinates, significant other, parent, etc…) decision making increases exponentially.

Decision making training mike cardusNow you are not just exploring the decision to yourself, a shared method is needed.

  • How are we going to decide?
  • What is our time-frame for acceptance?
  • In what way will we deal with grievances and objections?
  • Who will make the final decision?
  • Who will be accountable for what parts of the decision?
  • As a team how do we overcome psychological constipation?
  • What method will be used to share this decision with other stake holders and people impacted by our decision?
  • Who is going to explain the method and process used in this decision?
  • etc…


Something that once seemed simple and obvious now becomes complex.  In the comments please share your successes and best practices for making decisions, by yourself and with others.


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