team building and leadership expert Michael Cardus

Successful people have written goals & a person who can serve them in achieving their goals appropriate to their values. I want to be the that person, who serves you in achieving your goals.

Organizational culture, values, perceptions are USELESSUNLESS rooted in a goal.

We are always driven by goals – whether implicit and unaware to ourselves and others – or – explicit and aware to ourselves and others; Goals are what defines YOUR purpose—>Action—>Response and Priorities = Success + Productivity.

Here is this week inquiry;

  • How do you set time frames the “by when” into your organizational (leadership, task directive, self-completed) goals?
  • What would happen if you achieved your goal?
  • How will the people around you know you have achieved that goal?
  • Who serves you in achieving your goal?
  • What is a goal?


It is time YOU took action and achieved + flourished in setting and achieving goals…Click here to do that.


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image by PV KS