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I’m usually trying to figure out what is good enough.

  • Good enough to answer the question I’m asked;
  • Good enough to improve the team and work of clients;
  • Good enough for the team I’m working with;
  • Good enough for you to read and apply what is written;
  • Good enough for Christine to be happy in our marriage;
  • Good enough for Rushford to be a happy and healthy dog;

With Good enough it takes two or more people to agree on what is good enough. With work I’m fearful that my good enough may not be good enough, so I tend to over give. Share information and go over-board with a simple question…when just listening and offering 1 idea would have been good enough…I want to give you EVERYTHING including many things you don’t need.

I assume that some of you are like me.

The concern is, like the bubble, too much will pop it and leave both of us with nothing.

What is good enough, and how will we know when we are there?

Asking this question to employees, team members, managers, project teams, etc… will work to frame the goal. Plus shed light on the differences we all have about ‘good enough’.

So, what is good enough for you? Do you have an example of when you found that perfect balance of good enough? or when you went over the edge and gave too much? or not enough?

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