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Having just finished teaching High Performance Teambuilding and reading through the evaluations, this question is common.

People generally believe, and with good reason, that they are powerless to control the team and the systems-that-drive team performance. And, the team-leader is ultimately accountable for the results of the teams and individuals work.

But, can one team member who is only a team-member impact the success of the team?

How can I impact and improve the team as just a team member?

The behavior and actions of 1 person on a team will affect the entire team, this is aligned with the idea of Equifinality, multifinality of an work system.

Think about it, if you know the process to get the work done while keeping the team strong; how might you ask questions and use your followership skills to lead the team?

By sharing what you know and have learned, in a way that is accepted will make the team better and your work easier. Morally you have a responsibility to share your knowledge and do your best work.

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