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How do you define job satisfaction? Everyone deserves to have a satisfying job.

There’s no easy answer.

When we have a level of satisfaction that is sufficient we know it, and those that care about us can see it, and we can say “I am really satisfied with my job right now.”

On to the Inquiry:

When will you know that your job is becoming more satisfying again?

This question is like ‘how to restore trust to a team’.  If you are ‘restoring’ or ‘becoming satisfied again’ then you had trust and your job was satisfying at some point, even just a little bit.

  • Think about when your job was satisfying; what was different? what was the same?
  • When your job is satisfying again, or more satisfying, what will you be doing? Can you describe what and how you will know?
  • If you went to sleep tonight and tomorrow you awoke and what you needed to have happen for your job to be more satisfying again happened…what would be the 1st thing you would notice?
  • Once your job is more satisfying how will you work differently?
  • Can you try that even a little bit?

I know, work has ups and downs…being satisfied is when you are at a cool-medium.

Share your ideas.

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