When creating mixed project teams with people who report to different supervisors.

Who is the direct supervisor when these mixed groups are on a team? For example;

  • Mike works for Celia in Alpha house. Celia is Mike’s direct manager.
  • Gail works for Antoine in Omega house. Antoine is Gail’s direct manager.
  • Both Antoine and Gail are equal in their positions and managerial accountability.
  • Both Gail and Mike are equal in their positions and accountability within their work.
  • Omega house is short staffed and Mike is sent over to fill in the understaffing needs.
  • Mike (who generally is a high-performance team-member) is under-performing at the Omega House.
  • Antoine calls Mike into the office to speak to him about the underperformance.
  • Mike’s response to Antoine “I don’t care I don’t work here I am doing you a favor, Celia is my boss not you…plus now I will not have to come back to Omega house.
  • Who holds Mike accountable for this underperformance?
  • Is it Celia, Mike’s direct manager at Alpha house? Is it Antoine the Supervisor of Omega house?

Who is the managerial accountability to?

The person who you report directly too, who administers your performance evaluations, who is also held accountable for your work and performance, who you see and report to on a daily basis.


The person who is in charge of the department, team, location, office, etc… where you are now working?

Has this happened to you as an employee? as a leader?

In what ways is this “your not my boss” problem handled in your organization?




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