I love questions; asking them, answering them, writing about them, thinking about them, driving Christine (Wife)crazy with them. Whether you are a facilitator, coach, leader, person in the toilet-stall next to me – asking 2 to 3 questions beyond the point of where we agree develops understanding of each other. Additionally asking questions beyond the point of agreement creates a reciprocity of inquiry…and that is FACILITATING AWESOMENESS!

team building de-brief questions. open ended

Team Processing Questions:

Analyzing the experience, consider the idea of Communication.

1. Determine what types of communication took place during the activity.

2. In each of your opinions, which was the most powerful form of communication during the activity? What made them powerful?

3. What were some successful communication moments?

4. At what points were you having difficulty communicating?

5. What might each of you want to remember about communication?

reflect upon who is on the team & their talents…

1. What were some of the ideas that were generated?

2. How receptive was the group to new and different ideas?

3. How did you add structure to the ideas?

4. What were some of the roles that were proposed for people in this project?

5. Which ideas were seen as unrealistic / realistic? What made those ideas unrealistic / realistic?

6. Describe how the plan was developed and evaluated?

7. Explain the action steps of the project. Describe the results and outcomes of the action steps.

8. How do you feel about what was done? Ideas for improvement?

9. What was the key moment in the teams’ success? Where did the ideas come from? Who were the ideas champions?

10. Where do you feel were the gaps in this project? How did or did you not work to fill those gaps?

If you have Time…

1. How mindful were you of your preferred team role?

2. Describe how that impacted your part in the project.



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