Leading yourself: The Reflective Mindset Effective Leaders tend to be reflective: they know how to learn from their experience; they explore numerous options; and they back off when one does not work, to try another.

 I Know What You’re Thinking – Quick Team Building
  • Develop a better understanding of others viewpoints and thoughts on the work.
  • Share the ‘purpose’ of the team project.
  • Illustrate team-members psychic powers.
  • Index cards. 1 per-person
  • A particular goal/outcome that the team must achieve (what is the team working on, for example, team project, goal, objective. Without this it is not a team, it is just a bunch of people in a room wasting time.)
Time Frame:
  • 5 to 15 minutes
  • People sitting

In meetings people often know what others are going to say, this is stronger with long-standing work relationships; this can be helpful and also a hindrance. Acknowledging that we all have pre-conceived as well as conceived notions of each other, our team, and ourselves can help to spark communication and progress on the teams work toward accomplishing the goal.

Guidelines are as follows;

Take about 2 to 5 minutes and remind the team of the Goal of the project to be completed, telling them why they (as individuals and a team) were chosen and the skills set that they individually and collectively have Start with why.

  • Choose a partner you can assign partners or just let people choose if there’s an odd number a team of 3 is fine or you can also participate.

Talk briefly about past projects together and successes the team has experienced.

  • The partners now spend about 30 seconds thinking about what the other partner is thinking. Trying to enter their partner’s mind and tap into the psychic bond that connects them.
  • Each partner is asked to write, on the index card what the other is thinking.

Take turns sharing what people thought their partner was thinking, allow for some laughs and clarification.


Potential Processes Questions
  • What am I thinking right now?
  • What about these thoughts were correct?
  • In what ways do we know better understand this project?
  • Listening to some of the concerns about this project, what can we do to alleviate them?
  • If we were to repeat this six months from now after we completed this project – how will the thoughts be different?
  • What is one step we can make forward to make those ideas reality?
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