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Dear leader,

Leadership is tough – and we all have broken models inside our head.

Once your responsibilities change.

Your processes and skills must also change.

Focus on YOU as a team of YOU and not with direct reports and subordinates and managerial hierarchies that rely on you and force accountability.

Begin with your current knowledge and skill sets, explore your confidence in determining micro-steps (small action triggers and tasks) that are in-line with your macro-goals (larger goals within the time-span capability you are capable of based upon your mental processing.)

Set goals – a what by when; into a method that has a follow-up function built in This follow-up function will force you to hold yourself accountable for completion of tasks.

When you determine and match your micro-steps into the proper macro-goals (based upon time-span capability)

You will feel an increased level of satisfaction and joy in work and life, because you will be able to see results in the perspective that allows you to continue finding solutions. These positive results will also create a process for you to continue replicating situations, scenarios and times that positive results happened. Leading to increased satisfaction with what you do, and greater ability to satisfy customers and make more money!

Can you delegate tasks to yourself?

I know WTF delegate to myself?

Schizophrenic Delegation;

When you can better delegate and prioritize tasks to yourself as a leader the benefits are;

  • distribute the burden of responsibility
  • More time available to focus on more important activities
  • More time available for planning
  • Get more done
  • More time available for my own Key Result Areas.

The greatest benefit will be that you will have new mental and pragmatic models for leadership that work in real-time with your business problems. When you have and rely on models and processes that work and match your time-span, values & commitments, plus skill set you can take more time for the thinking and problem solving necessary for leading yourself developing a skill set of leading others.



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