Team Building and leadership expert michael cardus

At each stage, team development can be optimized for ideal functionality.

Stage 1: Focus on relationships and induction to the team. Understanding why the individuals are here, why now, and how their talents are needed for this team project. Examining functionality of team:task: individual.

Stage 2: Focus on optimization of trust and known accountabilities of the team members. Optimize and ensure that the work can get done with little distraction from outside (non-team-member) interference.

Stage 3: Focus on reducing repetitive processes and reducing costs (labor, time, resources, and production). Try to explore knowledge and processes from outside of the existing team knowledge so that you can jump to another S-Curve.

Stage 4: Reduce costs in labor and processes; if required, de-select team members and place them on new projects and teams. Try to find specialized individual skills and seeking innovation to create a new team project or product.