Story Line: An active processing activity

Following team building initiatives, the learning comes from the processing.  Here is an active processing activity that I have found successful.

  • 3 to 5 feet lengths of rope (1 rope for every 2 people)
  • If you do not have ropes, I have asked participants to draw lines in the dirt, use flip chart paper and markers to draw lines, be creative
 Instructions and Facilitator Script:

Ask the people to choose a partner – anyone they please.

This processing is called a Story Line – it is a current reviewing activity.

Once the people have a partner ask them to take the next 10 minutes and share their story of that activity.






Here is how they will share their story;

“Using the ropes to create a squiggly line with peaks and valleys, then one partner walks along the line sharing their story, personal and team ups and downs while walking along the ropes. The other partner just listens until they have completed sharing their story, then they switch places. The new partner creates a squiggly line with peaks and valleys, and while walking along the line, they share their story, personal and team ups and downs. The other partner just listens.”

Following the 10 (more or less depending on the group) ask if any partnerships wish to share their stories.