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In developing teams, we spend time reflecting upon experience. Experience of;

  1. The team as a whole
  2. The team members’ interactions
  3. The team members as individuals
  4. The task(s) to be completed
  5. Past experiences with teams
  6. Past experiences with team members
  7. and all the interactions that happen…

This is what causes me to believe that using experiential (team building activities) can be helpful. Respecting the individual, the team, and the interactional frame of reference, each person, is right in their interpretation.

Using an activity may create an exception to patterned behavior or knowledge. This exception can be useful and can be used to focus shared understanding on more of the beneficial change that we want to have happen.

Team building is a technique to develop existing knowledge of how to do more of the useful change the team would like to have happen. Purposefully placing reflection, learning and application upon shared experience and our attitude to what happens, we cannot discover what is not implicitly already there – and there is nothing more that team building can hope to do.